If you test positive on a home antigen test, you are considered COVID-19 positive.  You do not need to schedule a PCR test unless required by your employer, school, etc. For more information on what your test results mean, please visit the CDC.

Learn How COVID-19 Testing Works at Reliant

Testing at Reliant is by appointment and is only available for Reliant patients.

Reliant patients can schedule a COVID-19 PCR test by calling your PCP’s office. Self-scheduling is no longer an option. Testing will be scheduled at one of our primary care offices, generally on the same day or next day. We do not offer “walk-in” testing.


Some offices test car-side while others test inside the office. Patients will receive instructions when making an appointment.


A clinician will collect a sample from your nose to test for COVID-19. Your test will be sent to Quest Diagnostics. If your provider also ordered a flu test, a sample may also be taken to test for the flu virus.


Your test results will come back to the Reliant provider who ordered your test. We expect that you will be notified of your test results within 2 days, but the exact timeframe will depend on the lab’s volume (Quest Diagnostics). All results will also be available in MyChart. Please know that if you have not heard from us, your results are not available yet. We will communicate with you promptly when we receive your results from the lab. 

Testing for Patients Without Symptoms of COVID-19

Reliant will test asymptomatic patients (those not showing symptoms of COVID-19)  who express a “requirement” reason (including but not limited to requirements by employers, vacation rentals, camps, schools, travel requirements, etc.).  Patients should contact their primary care provider’s office to request a test appointment.

Deductibles and co-insurance may apply for the COVID-19 test, so patients may receive a bill from Reliant.  Patients should contact their insurance company for questions about their specific coverage.

Please be sure to visit reliantmedicalgroup.org for updates, and we encourage you to rely on cdc.gov for the latest information about COVID-19.