COVID-19 Information

Last updated: 4/24/24

Mask Requirements

While masks are no longer required in our Reliant Medical Group clinical offices, they are strongly encouraged given the recent rise in respiratory illness in our community.

If you are sick and/or have an active cough, you will need to wear a mask when visiting a Reliant office. Masks are available at the entryways of all Reliant medical offices.

At times, you will see Reliant staff and providers wearing a mask when it is appropriate to do so (such as caring for a patient with a respiratory illness). Please feel free to ask your care providers to wear masks if it makes you feel most comfortable.

Please know that masking guidance is subject to change should COVID-19 transmission risk decrease or increase in our community. The masking status will be visible as you enter our offices.

Learn How COVID-19 Testing Works at Reliant

Testing at Reliant is by appointment and is only available for Reliant patients. If you test positive on a home antigen test, you are considered COVID-19 positive.  You do not need to schedule a PCR test unless required by your employer, school, etc.

See below to learn how our testing process works.

Reliant patients can schedule a COVID-19 PCR test by calling your PCP’s office. Self-scheduling is no longer an option. Testing will be scheduled at one of our primary care offices, generally on the same day or next day. We do not offer “walk-in” testing.


Some offices test car-side while others test inside the office. Patients will receive instructions when making an appointment.


A clinician will collect a sample from your nose to test for COVID-19. Your test will be sent to Quest Diagnostics. If your provider also ordered a flu test, a sample may also be taken to test for the flu virus.


Your test results will come back to the Reliant provider who ordered your test. We expect that you will be notified of your test results within 2 days, but the exact timeframe will depend on the lab’s volume (Quest Diagnostics).  All results will also be available in MyChart. Please know that if you have not heard from us, your results are not available yet. We will communicate with you promptly when we receive your results from the lab. 

Positive Test Result

If you are COVID positive, click here for information about isolation, treatment options and ways to keep other around you healthy.

What if my symptoms worsen?

If you’re concerned about your symptoms, contact us for care instructions and treatment options.

To see if you may be eligible for the anti-viral treatment Paxlovid, an anti-viral treatment pill taken by mouth, call your PCP or schedule a virtual visit with Virtual ReadyMED through MyChart. Paxlovid should be given within five days after onset of symptoms.

If at any time you experience shortness of breath or you are unable to control a rising fever, call 911 or go to the Emergency Room.

Reliant Medical Group Vaccine Distribution

Reliant is currently offering the updated vaccine for patients age 6 months and older. Patients must make an appointment for the vaccine by contacting their PCP’s office directly.

The vaccine is also available at local pharmacies. For a location near you, visit  Patients without internet access can call 2-1-1 for assistance.

We encourage you to rely on for the latest information about COVID-19.