Abdul Bhat, MD - Internal Medicine

Abdul Bhat
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"Despite all the technology we have, you really need eyes on the patient..."

Formerly a hospitalist at Milford Regional Medical Center, Dr. Abdul Bhat now enjoys taking care of patients in his internal medicine practice. Dr. Bhat has a real passion for helping people, and enjoys not just treating those who are sick, but helping healthy people prevent illness and disease from occurring in the first place.

According to Dr. Bhat, a thorough diagnostic exam is the key to preventing many illnesses. “I think a good physical exam is really crucial in order to find problems at the right time. Despite all the technology we have, you really need eyes on the patient and a thorough patient history to uncover problems. The key is to find problems early, when they can be treated.”

Dr. Bhat says that the biggest problems he sees with his patients are obesity, cardiovascular disease, and smoking. “Often, these problems are interrelated in patients. For instance, by quitting smoking and losing weight, you can improve your cardiovascular condition.”

Dr. Bhat enjoys taking advantage of all the fine specialty physicians that are available. “It’s very easy to pick up the phone and consult with someone. That’s one of the things that makes this organization special. We are all very focused on helping our patients as much as we can.” Dr. Bhat enjoys practicing in Reliant’s team care environment, and working closely with Joan Zamberletti, NP, his partnering provider.

During his free time Dr. Bhat loves to travel and go sightseeing with his family. He is also very interested in landscape photography. Dr. Bhat also likes jogging to stay in shape and other forms of exercise. He is also an avid reader, and enjoys books about politics and world history.


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