Agnieszka Snioch, MD - Family Practice

Overall Patient Rating

4.9 out of 5 stars - 165 total ratings

“Family medicine is very special, the way you get to know families over a long period of time…I really enjoy offering that kind of care.”

Even when she was a child growing up in Poland, Dr. Agnieszka Snioch seemed to know what she wanted to do for a career. “When I was young I was always playing with dolls and stethoscopes and pretending to be a doctor. I guess even at a young age I knew I wanted to be in medicine and help people.”

Born in Poland, Dr. Snioch speaks both English and Polish fluently. She studied Internal Medicine while in Poland but now enjoys working as a Family Practice physician. “Family medicine is very special, the way you get to know families over a long period of time. It’s exciting to treat a newborn baby or an elderly person from the same family. I really enjoy offering that kind of care.”

For Dr. Snioch, women’s health and education is a very important part of her practice. “Family Medicine is very broad in scope, but it allows you to have a specific area of interest too. I have always been very comfortable treating gynecological problems. When I have a young female who comes in for a physical exam, what I try to do is educate them and prepare them for their life as an adult – I think that’s very important.”

Dr. Snioch has always believed strongly in educating her patients. “The more time you spend talking to a patient about why you are recommending a specific treatment, the more likely they are to be compliant. I believe every patient should know why an exam or procedure is being done, what the follow-up is, and why they need to take their medication. All this is really vital to providing good care.”

Practicing at Reliant Medical Group, Dr. Snioch has found the staff and other physicians to be very supportive. “It’s very easy to get a second opinion if you need it, or to get someone in to see a specialist. Everyone is very willing to help the patient – even seeing them after-hours if they are busy.”

As well as being a family practice physician, Dr. Snioch is married with two children of her own, a girl and a boy. A big classical music fan, she and her husband enjoy going to operas and concerts together, as well as skiing at Mt. Wachusett. She enjoys living in a small town where everyone seems to know each other. “I am not really a city person, I enjoy living and working in a small town, for me knowing everyone around you is the best way to live.”


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