Amos Adelowo, MD - Urogynecology

Amos Adelowo
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“Patients are really benefiting from the technology we have now.”

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, Dr. Amos Adelowo always wanted to have a career that involved helping others. While he was studying for his Master’s in Public Health at Tulane University he had the opportunity to do some work in undeveloped countries and he quickly realized that he could have a bigger impact helping people if he went to medical school.

While studying to become a doctor, Dr. Adelowo became interested in providing OB-Gyn care. “I have always been attracted to doing international work and one of the areas of need I saw was caring for obstetric patients in developing countries and undeveloped countries,” he explains. “As a result, I wanted to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology because it offered me an opportunity to provide care from an obstetrics standpoint, as well as work in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery, which I am very passionate about.”

In his practice Dr. Adelowo spends a lot of time helping women who are suffering from pelvic prolapse, urinary incontinence, and fecal incontinence. “Quality of life really suffers if you have these problems. Fortunately, there are some great treatment options now that can make life easier for women who have these difficult issues.”

According to Dr. Adelowo, the field of female pelvic medicine and female reconstructive surgery has evolved from surgical procedures that used large abdominal incisions to less invasive techniques using smaller incisions. “Using these new minimally invasive procedures allows a faster recovery, less blood loss, and fewer days in the hospital. Patients are really benefiting from the technology we have now.”

Each year, Dr. Adelowo goes to the island of Cape Verde to help women suffering from pelvic prolapse and similar problems. He also does international outreach work in other countries such as Ecuador and South Africa. “I enjoy helping women everywhere. The truth is, these types of problems are also common in the United States. Fortunately, women are talking about these issues more and making the effort to get the care they need.”

When he is not busy helping patients, Dr. Adelowo enjoys traveling, especially to South America, the Caribbean and Africa. He also enjoys sports, especially playing soccer and sailing.


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