Taking Control of Your Bladder Symptoms

The bladder is a very important organ that is responsible for urine storage. Nevertheless, a significant number of women struggle with bladder control issues on a daily basis. These issues can range in severity and manifestations. Some women struggle with bladder control relating to urinary incontinence. They report leakage of urine with different activity including coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising, walking or during intercourse. Other women report urine leakage associated with feeling a strong sensation but unable to hold the urine with accidental urine leakage on the way to the bathroom or complete loss of the ability to stop the urine once it starts coming out. There are also women that do not leak urine as described but they report urinary frequency, going to the bathroom to void frequently during the day and at night.  Some women also report an overwhelming sensation of bladder urgency and bladder pain symptoms with a full bladder or with urination. A general misconception from discussing these symptoms with the patient is that this is a normal part of aging or that these symptoms are expected because of childbirth.  The majority of women that live with these symptoms did not bring it up or discuss it with their primary care providers.

Our team of Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgeons at Reliant Medical Group recognize the impact of these symptoms on patients and their quality of life.  Patients do not have to live with these symptoms and they should not be viewed as a normal course of aging or expected symptoms as a result of childbirth. Many women are benefiting from the different treatment options available to women that have lived with these symptoms.  Our team of experienced and board-certified practitioners continue to provide the needed care for women with outstanding results, as we know that they should not have to live with this condition.

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Taking Control of Your Bladder Symptoms

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