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Ana Sujata Madariya
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Overall Patient Rating

4.4 out of 5 stars - 44 total ratings

“For me, being an OB-Gyn physician is always fascinating.”

Coming from a family of physicians, Dr. Ana Sujata Madariya always knew that medicine offered a rewarding career. “I really think being a doctor gives me a sense that I’m doing something worthwhile, that I’m giving back to society,” she explains. “That’s very important for me.”

As an OB-Gyn physician, Dr. Madariya appreciates the fact that she can establish long-term relationships with her patients and assist them with pre-natal care, deliveries, surgery, and follow-up care. “I really enjoy assisting patient during deliveries, menopausal transition, surgeries and performing different procedures. For me, being an OB-Gyn physician is always fascinating.” Some of the procedures that Dr. Madariya performs include IUD placements, colposcopies, LEEP, biopsies, endometrial ablations, ovarian cystectomies and hysterectomies.

Dr. Madariya likes being able to use the latest technology to help her patients, including the Da Vinci Surgical System, an advanced type of laparoscopy that utilizes robotic technology. “In certain patients we can operate with less invasive methods which make it much easier on the patient than conventional surgery, with a much faster recovery time.”

Dr. Madariya feels that a patient does better when she can establish a good working relationship with them and know all the details of their health (including their emotional health). “It’s important that we establish a relationship of trust, because part of the healing really lies in a person being able to open up and convey what’s going on with their health and knowing that they are being understood and that they are in good hands.”

In her spare time Dr. Madariya enjoys cooking (especially healthy recipes), taking walks and going hiking with her husband. She also enjoys traveling when she can, including visiting her family.