Don’t Skip Your Child’s Vitamin K Shot!

By Kia McCarthy, NP
Department of Pediatrics

Vitamin K is essential to help a newborn baby’s blood clot normally. This is why it is given as a shot within minutes to hours after birth. Vitamin K has been given to babies as standard medical practice since the early 1960s.

The shot makes sure your baby has enough of this important vitamin to prevent vitamin K deficiency bleeding (VKDB), a life-threatening health problem. In fact, half of all babies who develop VKDB suffer from bleeding in the brain, which is very dangerous and hard to detect.

Unfortunately, vitamin K is not sufficiently passed on from a mother to her child before birth. There is also very little vitamin K in breast milk. A single shot of vitamin K just after birth helps protect an infant until they start producing and then consuming vitamin K on their own after eating solid food.

It’s important to know that vitamin K is not a vaccine. It’s simply a vitamin – an important nutrient your baby needs for good health. Vitamin K is most effective when given as a shot rather than taken as a pill or capsule. So, for the health of your child, please make sure they get their vitamin K shot!

Don’t Skip Your Child’s Vitamin K Shot!

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