Anjali Mehta, MD, Chief of Allergy & Otolaryngology - Allergy, Otolaryngology (ENT)

Anjali Mehta
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“Much of what we do in ENT focuses on improving quality of life for our patients.”

The daughter of an anesthesiologist, Dr. Anjali Mehta enjoys being able get to know her patients and help them over the long term. “One of the reasons I like being an otolaryngologist is that it gives you the opportunity to develop close relationships with your patients,” she explains. “Most importantly, you really feel like you’ve made a difference in a person’s life when you’re successful in treating them.”

Dr. Mehta see patients for a variety of issues including tonsil problems, breathing and swallowing issues, allergies, voice disorders, ear infections, sleep apnea, and head and neck cancers. She uses a number of different methods, including surgery, to help patients. “Otolaryngologists treat patients both medically and surgically, so treatments can range from prescribing medications such as antibiotics to finding a surgical solution. In addition, I also enjoy offering my patients in-office cosmetic procedures such as Juvederm and Botox injections for facial wrinkles.”

In her practice, Dr. Mehta sometimes treats patients with the problem of a constantly runny nose. “There are many causes of a runny nose such as allergies, which is known as allergic rhinitis. There’s also something called vasomotor rhinitis where a person’s nose runs whenever they eat or when they exercise. Fortunately, these problems can often be treated in simple ways.”

Dr. Mehta is a strong believer in making sure that patients understand the different treatments that are available to them. “I think it’s important to communicate to patients what their options are. Much of what we do in ENT focuses on improving quality of life for our patients. Patients have options on what can be done and it’s important for them to understand that.”

Dr. Mehta grew up in the Pittsburgh area and is a big Steelers fan. She enjoys running, including racing in 10Ks and half-marathons, and also playing with her son, the newest member of her family.


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