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Bradley Daines
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“Vision is so important to people’s lives. I really enjoy being able to help people see better…”

Dr. Bradley Daines’ father worked in international development, which allowed him to travel the world at a young age. “After seeing how most people in developing countries lived, I really wanted to do something that could help others,” he explains. “That’s why I decided to go into medicine as a career.”

An experienced ophthalmologist who performs everything from laser surgery to corneal transplants, Dr. Daines enjoys building a rapport with his patients and helping them achieve the best vision they can. “There are so many effective treatments now; it’s really an exciting time to be an eye doctor. Each year seems to bring solutions to problems we previously thought were unsolvable. Almost every treatment done in ophthalmology – from retinal disease, macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts and corneal transplants – has been perfected in ways that were never anticipated. For instance, new partial transplants of the cornea give the advantage of quicker healing times, less risk of infection and inflammation, and reduced chance of rejection. I’m hopeful we’re going to see more dramatic improvements like this.”

After leaving John Hopkins’s Wilmer Eye Institute, where he both practiced and taught ophthalmology, Dr. Daines was looking for an organization that utilized doctors working as a team to provide better health for their patients. “At Reliant Medical Group, I found that I could work with great colleagues in every specialty, which makes it easy to coordinate care. Many of the body’s ailments are manifested in the eyes, so ophthalmologists often work together with other specialists to help the patient. Everyone here at Reliant Medical Group puts the patient first – it’s really a great environment to practice in.”

When providing care for a patient, Dr. Daines likes to treat them like a member of his own family. “I ask myself, what would I do if this were my brother or my father, or my sister? Then I act accordingly. There are so many alternatives in any given situation with a patient. This helps me make sure that my patients’ best interests are being put first.”

As an ophthalmologist who treats sight-threatening diseases and performs many types of eye surgeries, Dr. Daines has the opportunity to make a big impact on his patients. “I once had a patient who couldn’t see the hand in front of his face, and I was able to restore nearly perfect vision through a transplant. It’s really a joy to make that much of a difference in a person’s life.”

In his spare time Dr. Daines enjoys traveling, downhill skiing and playing the trumpet. He also likes to volunteer for organizations such as Orbis International and Deseret International where he can use his ophthalmology skills to help others in need. He has visited hospitals in Kenya and Ethiopia to not only help patients but also pass on his skills to other medical professionals. “Vision is so important to people’s lives. I really enjoy being able to help people see better, whether it’s here in Worcester or some other part of the world.”


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