Cormac DePan, MD - Allergy, Otolaryngology (ENT)

Cormac DePan
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“I think that the more trust you build with a patient the more likely they are to open up to you.”

Dr. Cormac DePan comes from a family that has been uniquely devoted to medicine and caregiving. “I represent the 4th generation of physicians in my family,” he explains. “There have also been several nurses in my family including my mother, so I had a chance to experience what it was like to be involved in caring for others at an early age.”

Dr. DePan is an ENT physician, also known as an otolaryngologist. “There are many different aspects of being an ENT physician and we treat patients across a wide spectrum, both medically and surgically. That mix was very appealing to me and one of the reasons I chose my specialty.”

When treating patients Dr. DePan has noticed that it can take some time before they really open up to him. “I think that the more trust you build with a patient the more likely they are to open up to you. By showing them that you care and engaging with them you get to the core of why they’re coming to see you. Trust is really the cornerstone of what we do here.”

Some of the more common problems that Dr. DePan treats are adenoid tonsil disease, oral cavity problems, swallowing and breathing issues, voice disorders, ear pain and infections, and allergy problems. “There are a lot of reasons people come to see us, often for reoccurring problems. Fortunately, we have a lot of different ways we can help our patients.”

According to Dr. DePan, new technologies have made it easier than ever to treat patients. “Thanks to the endoscope, sinus surgery has become much less invasive and easier on the patient. Also, electronic medical records have made a big difference, making care a lot more efficient and safer too.”

During his free time and on the weekends, Dr. DePan enjoys working out, hiking in the mountains, and playing racquetball and squash. He also likes to camp, and enjoys boating and waterskiing in the warmer months.


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