Daniel Carlucci, MD - Chair of Medical Specialties - Cardiology

Daniel Carlucci
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“Reliant is really at the forefront of care in many areas – which is one reason I’m so proud to work here.”

Dr. Daniel Carlucci was inspired to become a cardiologist because of his family’s history of dealing with cardiovascular disease. “As someone whose family has suffered from this disease, I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction helping patients deal with their own cardiovascular problems,” he explains.

At Reliant, Dr. Carlucci practices preventive, invasive and non-invasive cardiology. He is an advocate of making healthy lifestyle changes and believes that there can be a tremendous impact on health and wellbeing just by making good decisions. “In addition to the lifestyle improvements we can easily make, other treatments we do for patients now have become less and less invasive. For instance, cholesterol lowering medications and coronary artery stenting have significantly reduced the need for bypass surgery. Patients have really benefited from these treatments and other similar less invasive techniques.”

According to Dr. Carlucci, the incidence of obesity and diabetes is much higher in the population now, as well as other risk factors for heart disease. “The challenge is trying to work with patients so they understand that they can make changes on their own, and possibly not need medications and aggressive procedures down the road. I think at Reliant we really do a great job of educating patients with our nutritional services and diabetic nurse educators. We have also begun a powerful Behavioral Medicine program directed at identifying patients who may be at the highest risk for health issues because of their conditions. Once identified, we are able to work closely with these patients so that they become more able to take part in their own care, make better decisions, stay more compliant with good care programs and ultimately stay healthier.”

One disease that Dr. Carlucci often deals with is congestive heart failure (CHF). “We use a whole battery of treatments for CHF including medications, lifestyle and dietary changes, as well as exercise. We can also treat high risk patients with certain devices and help the pumping function of the heart. So there is a whole spectrum of treatment available here depending on how much the patient needs.”

Dr. Carlucci truly enjoys the collaborative and innovative aspects of practicing at Reliant. “At its core, Reliant Medical Group is an innovative organization which is ready and able to be at the forefront of delivering great care to patients.  We will do whatever it takes to make it easy for patients to receive great care – smart phone apps, convenient urgent care centers, smart and cutting edge collaborative treatment methods and high tech procedures included.”

When he is not busy at Reliant, Dr. Carlucci enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. He also is an avid sailor and loves to be at the helm of his racing sailboat “No Agenda” which he and his family enjoy on Buzzard’s Bay. Along with his enthusiasm for all of the local professional sports teams, Dr. Carlucci also enjoys skiing, cycling, photography and “hacking around” on an acoustic guitar.


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