David Stein, MD - Internal Medicine

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It was an introductory science class while attending Brown University that helped Dr. David Stein develop an interest in medicine. “I took a class on the brain and that really opened up my fascination with the human body and my interest in becoming a doctor,” he explains. “I also volunteered at the Rhode Island Free Clinic and worked for a few global health organizations. I think that really helped show me that I would enjoy the responsibility of being a physician and making medicine my career.”

As an internist, Dr. Stein enjoys being able to analyze a patient’s health and integrate their complex medical needs into one clear picture. “As an internist, preventative medicine and integrated care is really at the heart of what I do. Some of my main clinical interests include weight management and diabetes prevention with my patients. I also enjoy working closely with nurse educators on diabetes care. It’s a very complex disease, but one that proper care can have a real impact on.”

Dr. Stein says he also has experience treating patients with substance use disorders. “Working in a city hospital, I had a lot of exposure to patients trying to overcome substance use. This type of care also heavily depends on psychiatry and behavioral health. I believe patients really need an ongoing, long-term relationship with a provider to overcome a condition like substance abuse.”

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Stein had a chance to practice telemedicine and found it can really enhance care. “There’s no doubt that telemedicine has been a very big development in healthcare. People are very busy these days and if you can receive care without coming to the doctor’s office it can make things much easier. Telemedicine works well for a lot of patients, especially for follow-up care. Seeing a patient more often can really be beneficial for them.”

One of the things that Dr. Stein enjoys the most about being a doctor is making a difference in a patient’s life. “That’s what gets me out of bed in the morning. If I can reassure one patient or fix one problem in the office…it really makes everything worthwhile.”

In his spare time Dr. Stein enjoys swimming, kayaking and visiting national parks. International cooking is also something that he really loves (especially Indian and Chinese) and he loves to post his latest creations on Instagram.


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