Joseph Sidari, MD - Chair, Department of Surgical Specialties - Allergy, Otolaryngology (ENT)

Joseph Sidari
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“At Reliant Medical Group, all of the physicians are dedicated to working together to solve patient problems.”

Dr. Joseph Sidari decided to enter medicine because he wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. Now as a physician specializing in Otolaryngology (also known as ENT for Ears, Nose & Throat) he gets to treat patients suffering from everything from head and neck cancer to allergies. “Otolaryngology is a very broad specialty and gives me the opportunity to help people in a variety of ways,” he explains. “I remember as a child having frequent visits to the ENT doctor for chronic ear infections. I had multiple operations for that problem, but still continued to get infections. Eventually, I had allergy testing and allergy shots for some asthma symptoms I developed, which curiously enough caused my ear infections to resolve. I remember that episode each time I see a patient with chronic complications from an allergy, and how helpful allergy treatment was for me. I’m happy to say I chose medicine, and specifically otolaryngology and allergy – it’s been a very satisfying career.”

Dr. Sidari did his undergraduate work right here in Worcester, at Holy Cross, then went on to Medical School at Boston University School of Medicine where he was awarded the prize for Outstanding Cancer researcher in his graduating class. Dr. Sidari feels strongly about making his patients understand all of their treatment options. “In otolaryngology there is rarely just one treatment option available. That’s why I always work hard at understanding each patient’s needs. Especially in caring for the patients with head and neck cancer, you have to understand that each patient comes with a different set of problems. Surgery may be a better option for one person, while a combined approach – such as working with the oncologists at the Saint Vincent Cancer & Wellness Center – may work better for others. The individual needs of the patient have to be considered with each treatment option.”

Dr. Sidari enjoys doing everything he can for allergy patients. “We practice the full breath of allergy treatment here. We deal with food allergies, hive reactions, bee sting allergies, eczema, and, of course, asthma too. We try to tailor the treatment to the specific allergens and at the specific level that the patient is reacting to.”

Dr. Sidari likes to utilize the most up-to-date approaches available for diagnosing and treating many common ear, nose and throat problems. One recent advance has been a new technique for treating patients with chronic sinusitis, called balloon sinuplasty. “Think of it as angioplasty – dilating the blocked arteries around the heart with a balloon—except for widening the blocked sinuses. For many, this is a minimally invasive sinus procedure that is done either in the office or the operating room. And with a quicker recovery and less pain than traditional sinus surgery, it’s a huge advance in patient care.”

In speaking to Dr. Sidari, it’s easy to see his enthusiasm for his specialty and practicing at Reliant Medical Group. “Otolaryngology is a field that combines many different aspects of medicine. I get to take care of children as well as adults, perform surgeries, plus consult with and treat patients in the office. It’s a fascinating specialty that I really enjoy. Working with the oncologists, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, pulmonologists and gastroenterologists is a pleasure. At Reliant Medical Group, all of the physicians are dedicated to working together to solve patient problems – it’s what makes being a physician here so special.”


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