Kristin Corapi, MD - Nephrology

Kristin Corapi
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“Patients need a clear understanding of their options.”

Dr. Kristin Corapi enjoys the everyday challenges of being a nephrologist. “There’s no doubt that caring for the kidneys is complicated, but that’s what I like about being a nephrologist,” she explains. “Most patients don’t think about their kidneys until something goes wrong with them. A person’s kidneys do more than just filter the blood, they secrete hormones, they play a role in blood pressure – they play a role in many aspects of our health.”

In her practice at Reliant Dr. Corapi believes it’s important for patients to understand their condition and have a role in making decisions that affect them. “Patients need a clear understanding of their options. For instance, if a patient reaches the point of kidney failure we often discuss dialysis. Dialysis is a life-altering therapy and patients really need to have some input in terms of what type of dialysis will fit their lifestyle best,” she explains.

Dr. Corapi’s enjoys teaching her patients about home-based therapies and peritoneal dialysis, which is a type of dialysis that is done at home seven days a week by the patient. “It’s a more flexible treatment for people with kidney disease. I think it’s great that some patients can receive their treatment at home rather than having to go to a kidney dialysis center three days a week.”

Dr. Corapi often sees patients who have chronic illnesses like high blood pressure and diabetes, which can lead to kidney problems. “Sometimes people ask me what they can do to slow the progression of kidney disease. I tell my patients that working on things like better control of their diabetes or blood pressure and avoiding medicines that can harm their kidneys like ibuprofen are all important interventions. Leading a healthy lifestyle such as staying active, maintaining a healthy weight, and not smoking are all good for the kidneys. My goal is that if we work together we can slow or even stop the progression of your kidney disease and avoid progression to kidney failure.”

Dr. Corapi believes there is a special bond that nephrologists form with their patients, especially when they are on dialysis. “You get to know the ins and outs of someone’s care. And if a doctor wants to make a change they tend to involve you in the decision. Patients really come to rely on us, whether it’s treating chronic kidney disease or preparing them for a kidney transplant.”

When she is not busy with her patients Dr. Corapi enjoys spending time with her husband and two young sons. She also enjoys watching the New England Patriots, traveling, and sitting down with a good book. Some of her favorite authors include Jodi Picoult, Gillian Flynn and Liane Moriarty.


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