Mark Collins, MD - Family Practice

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“I think getting people to eat healthier is one of the most important things a doctor can do.”

As a Family Practice physician, Dr. Collins has a big interest in lifestyle medicine. “Lifestyle medicine uses diet and exercise to help patients improve their long-term health,” he explains. “The most common problems that I treat are high blood pressure, diabetes, and anxiety. These all can be improved with lifestyle medicine. I think getting people to eat healthier is one of the most important things a doctor can do.”

Dr. Collins enjoys working closely with his patients and taking a team approach to caring for them. “For many people, it’s not easy to make the necessary changes in their lifestyle that would benefit their health,” he explains. “So, I try to motivate them that these positive changes will have real benefits to them, such as allowing them to be more active with their family. Achieving success can take time, but it’s worth it when patients enjoy better overall health.”

In his practice at Reliant Dr. Collins enjoys making use of the latest technologies. “There are certain apps I will recommend to a patient. I also encourage my patients to use MyChart, as it allows them to ask questions to me and the care team very easily. There’s also a lot of good information on the Internet for treating problems like back pain or shoulder pain.”

Dr. Collins has learned a lot about diets to help his patients. One that he recommends is a whole-food, plant-based diet which he follows himself. “It’s like being vegan, there’s no milk or eggs or oils, just whole, non-processed food. There are a lot of different diets that can be effective, I think that as more diets move to using non-processed food they are going to be healthier for people.” Recently, Dr. Collins has been doing monthly healthy cooking demonstrations for his patients on Zoom, and he hopes to continue them in the future.

In his spare time Dr. Collins enjoys hiking in the warmer months and skiing in the wintertime. He also enjoys cultural events as well as cooking at home with family and friends.


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