Nicole Lynn Fillipon, DO - Cardiology

Nicole Lynn Fillipon
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“It’s very rewarding to get to know your patients and follow them throughout their lives.”

From a young age, Dr. Nicole Lynn Fillipon always knew she would become a doctor. “I was always intrigued with medicine,” she explains. “When I was little, my grandmother had health issues, and I think that helped to further my interest in medicine to ultimately become a doctor.”

As a cardiologist, Dr. Lynn Fillipon believes in listening carefully to her patients and working collectively with them on which treatment plan to pursue. “I generally present options to patients and then we decide together which ones might be best for them and then make an informed decision together,” she explains. Dr. Lynn Fillipon has specific interests in echocardiography and preventative care, and often works with patients who are suffering from chest pain, palpitations and shortness of breath. She also participates in stress testing, blood pressure management, and sees patients for secondary prevention after a heart attack.

Dr. Lynn Fillipon enjoys using the latest technology in her cardiology practice. “The advanced imaging techniques we have today make diagnosis of cardiac problems a lot easier,” she explains. “The monitoring technology we have now is also very helpful. Knowing if the patient has had any cardiac events or other issues is key to successful treatment.”  She also stresses the importance of cardiac rehabilitation for patients who have had a recent heart attack or heart surgery, allowing those individuals to strengthen themselves and their cardiovascular capacity in a controlled environment. She believes that through a strong emphasis on healthy lifestyle with appropriate, guideline-driven primary and secondary prevention, patients can enjoy healthy, full lives even in the setting of cardiovascular risk factors and disease.

In her practice Dr. Lynn Fillipon enjoys the variety of care that she gets to provide. “From reading echocardiograms to performing stress tests and seeing patients in the office as well as hospital, every day has a new challenge. It’s very rewarding to get to know your patients and follow them throughout their lives.”

When she is not busy treating patients, Dr. Lynn Fillipon likes to spend time with her husband, son, family, and friends. She also enjoys running to stay fit.


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