Ninad Samant, MD - Internal Medicine

Overall Patient Rating

4.7 out of 5 stars - 150 total ratings

“As a physician I do my best to guide and educate people but ultimately you have to respect the choices that people make in their lives.”

A practicing internist for 12 years, Dr. Ninad Samant loves the fact that he can build strong relationships with his patients. “I enjoy the continuity that you find in internal medicine. The opportunity to get to know your patients and treat them over a long period of time is very important to me,” he explains. “In medical school, I did think about becoming a surgeon or emergency room physician, but later came to the conclusion that being an internist was the best fit for me.”

As an experienced internist, Dr. Samant realizes that his job must strike a balance between treating those who are sick and striving to keep people healthy. “I work hard to help divert people away from future health problems. If you can establish good health habits in your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s it can really pay dividends later in life. I think all physicians need to make their patients understand that.”

Dr. Samant has noticed that people’s attitude and lifestyle can often have a big effect on their health. “It’s not easy for people these days to make the time commitment required to practice a healthy lifestyle…we are all leading busier lives than ever before. As a physician I do my best to guide and educate people but ultimately you also have to respect the choices that people make in their lives.”

Dr. Samant believes the new medical information technologies available at Reliant Medical Group have helped to benefit physicians and patient alike. “It’s definitely changed the way we approach medicine. We now have greater ability to gather and store patient information than ever before, which helps us better understand how our patients fit into the population. Most importantly, this new technology puts the key information we need right at our fingertips.”

As a physician who has practiced in other clinical settings, Dr. Samant has been impressed by what he has seen at Reliant Medical Group. “I think the direction Reliant Medical Group is going in is very impressive. Everything we are accomplishing – including higher service standards, our technology initiatives, and becoming a multi-payor provider – has had a tremendous impact. It’s no surprise that so many experienced physicians want to practice here.”

When he is not busy with his patients, Dr. Samant enjoys being at home with his wife and three children. A bit of a car buff, he enjoys reading about cars and likes to keep up on the latest models from Detroit and abroad. “I figure I’m going to have to trade in my Honda Odyssey for something a little more sporty someday.”


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