Paige Lamica, PA - Geriatrics, Internal Medicine

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Paige first worked as a chemist after graduating from college, but quickly realized she wanted to combine more human interaction with her love of science. So she decided to go back to school and become a physician assistant (PA).

From a young age Paige has been interested in helping geriatric patients. “In high school I volunteered to deliver mail to residents at a local nursing home,” she explains. “I believe that elderly people hold so much wisdom and I love hearing their stories and life experiences. Ultimately, I chose to practice in geriatrics because of my passion about promoting the independence and well-being of our aging population. I believe in treating the entire person – physically, mentally, and emotionally, using a combination of compassion and evidence-based medicine.”

Board-certified in wound care, Paige holds a Certified Wound Specialist credential (CWS®). Some of her other clinical interests include treating type 2 diabetes, nutrition, and reducing the use of unnecessary medications (polypharmacy). She treats and manages a variety of chronic diseases including diabetes, high blood pressure, COPD, heart failure, and atrial fibrillation.

Paige has a big interest in the changing technology of medicine. “I am very excited by the latest developments, from using AI to generate educational materials in different languages, to wearable health sensors including diabetic continuous glucose monitors and even using 3D printing to create prostheses for patients.” “The world of technology is moving quickly and I genuinely look forward to finding new ways to benefit our patients.”

At Reliant, Paige often treats patients right in their homes. “Medical offices and hospitals can be difficult to access for mobility impaired seniors, and by providing care in the home we can better treat people where they are most comfortable,” she explains.

In her spare time Paige enjoys cooking and baking, gardening, taking care of her two cats, and watching movies with her husband.


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