Prashantha Holla, MD - Internal Medicine

Overall Patient Rating

4.8 out of 5 stars - 155 total ratings

Dr. Prashantha Holla comes from a family with a real dedication to medicine. His father, grandfather and sisters are all doctors. “When I was younger I watched my father practice medicine, and this had a major influence on me in deciding what I wanted to do when I grow up. To me, it is the best career you can have.”

Dr. Holla is a strong believer in helping his patients stay healthy. “One of the reasons I like being an internist is the emphasis on preventive care,” he explains. “With the knowledge we have now about preventive medicine we can keep people healthy longer, and I enjoy that aspect of care. Working with older patients is also very rewarding, since you can have such a positive impact on their health with the right care.”

For Dr. Holla, communication with the patient is a very important aspect of providing care. “I have seen patients who don’t always understand what their medications are for and what their lab values mean. That’s why I work hard to make sure all my patients completely understand their illness and know why it’s important for them to take their medication.”

As an internist, Dr. Holla enjoys taking advantage of the support Reliant Medical Group provides him and his patients. “We not only have an excellent network of specialists to refer people to, we also have many amenities including labs and x-ray at the facility, in-hospital physicians and an excellent electronic medical records system. It all helps us provide better patient care.”

In his spare time, Dr. Holla enjoys spending time with his family, doing projects around the house, and exploring new places. He also enjoys rooting for his two favorite teams, the Oklahoma University Sooners and the Boston Red Sox.


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