Putcha Murthy, MD - Internal Medicine

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“One of our key goals as physicians now is trying to prevent problems before they arise.”

Dr. Putcha R. Murthy, an internist at Reliant Medical Group in Auburn, realizes the importance of getting a diagnosis right the first time. “Patients appreciate knowing what is wrong with them, even if the news isn’t good. A timely diagnosis can also be crucial in helping a patient overcome an illness. That’s why all of us at Reliant Medical Group work quickly to determine what is wrong, patients really depend on it,” he explains.

In his practice, Dr. Murthy tries to make it as convenient as he can for his patients to see him when needed. “We have two types of visits. One is a sick visit and the other is a follow-up or health maintenance visit. Sick visits are unplanned but 90% of the time we can usually see a patient on the day they call. If not, one of my colleagues can see them or they can go to Urgent Care. My goal is to try to treat patients as quickly and appropriately as possible for what the problem is.”

Dr. Murthy has noticed that patients now spend a lot of time researching their illnesses. “People can get a lot of information on the Internet and they often think they know what is best for them. For example, they may want a test that really isn’t appropriate. I try to educate them that the test isn’t going to treat the problem, just confirm it. Medical information on the Internet can work both ways, sometimes having patients aware of a problem makes my job easier, other times they simply have too much information and it can become a problem.”

After years of practicing using paper charts, Dr. Murthy is looking forward to utilizing a completely electronic medical record. “I think this advancement will allow us to be more efficient with our patients. It will be especially important in preventative medicine, since we will have such easy access to patient information. One of our key goals as physicians now is trying to prevent problems before they arise, the electronic medical record will really help in this regard.”

After many years of practicing at Auburn, Dr. Murtha has learned to appreciate his fellow caregivers. “My medical colleagues at Auburn have been very helpful to me and the rest of the staff is also great. We really seem to gel together and have had very little turnover. I really enjoy practicing here.”

During his spare time Dr. Murthy enjoys watching baseball and football (he used to be a cricket and soccer player in India). He also enjoys playing golf and loves to travel. Recently he has been to Las Vegas, San Francisco, Florida, Toronto and India. He also enjoys relaxing around his home and spending time with his wife and young daughter.


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