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“I really like building strong relationships with my patients.”

Born in China, Dr. Qingning Bian comes from a family of physicians. Initially trained as an ophthalmologist, she has also done research on the science of vision. However, she ultimately decided that she wanted to get back to treating patients. “I really enjoy the human interaction so I went back to working with patients.”

Dr. Bian believes in treating each patient like a family member. “I try to think of the little ways I can help them. For instance, if you have a patient in the hospital and we’re going to discharge them, you need to have a plan for them to take the medication. You wouldn’t want to choose a medication that they have to take four times a day instead of two, because it would be harder for the patient to comply,” she explains. “Little things like that can make a big difference.”

In her work as an internist, Dr. Bian enjoys building long-term relationships with her patients. “I have noticed that if you start to see a patient and they like you they will want to stay with you as long as they can. I really like building strong relationships with my patients. The more you learn about them the more they trust you – and that’s really beneficial.”

When she is not busy seeing patients, Dr. Bian enjoys taking photos of her two boys, cooking a good meal, and reading. She also enjoys traveling to Maine.