Rewana Khedr, MD - Internal Medicine

Rewana Khedr
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“I love to figure out what is going on with a patient’s health and their unique circumstances and condition.”

Dr. Rewana Khedr is a native of Worcester but spent a considerable amount of time overseas when she was younger. After completing her education, she is glad to be back and practicing medicine in the city that she loves.

One of the things Dr. Khedr loves the most about being a physician is that it is kind of like being a detective. “I love to figure out what is going on with a patient’s health and their unique circumstances and condition,” she explains. “I also love interacting with my patients and learning as much about them as I can.”

In her practice at Reliant, Dr. Khedr has a big interest in obesity medicine. “I think one of the things people are realizing now is that it’s not just diet and exercise, there’s a lot more to it than that,” she explains. “Obesity should be treated as a disease, like diabetes and other chronic illnesses. Which sometimes mean you need the help of medications to make progress.”

For Dr. Khedr, shared decision-making with patients is very important. “Many people live under different circumstances in life and there might be a reason why they can’t do what you ask. It’s important to take all of that into account before making recommendations.”

In her practice at Reliant Dr. Khedr often sees patients suffering from anxiety and depression. “Fortunately, we have a great behavioral health system here to help patients. I can also prescribe medications to assist patients if they need them. I will also recommend different mental health apps that many patients find useful and can use every day.”

When she is not busy helping patients Dr. Khedr enjoys family activities such as taking her daughter to the park or other outdoor activities she might enjoy. She also loves baking and exercising on her Peloton.


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