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Robert Harizi
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“It’s very important to treat the patient in an individualized fashion.”

During his time as a cardiologist, Dr. Robert Harizi has learned that each patient is truly unique and often needs individualized therapy. “After making a diagnosis, I try to tailor the treatment which has the highest likelihood of success to that person. Before you begin any treatment plan, you have to take into consideration a patient’s lifestyle, what their job is, what their attitudes are – a comprehensive approach. It’s very important to treat the patient in an individualized fashion.”

One of Dr. Harizi’s biggest challenges is to impress upon patients the importance of lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise in regard to their cardiovascular health. “You just have to show them how much better off they will be in life and that they can do it if they try. The truth is that even people who are older and have never exercised can benefit a tremendous amount from even a small amount of cardiovascular exercise.”

Dr. Harizi, who practices clinical and invasive cardiology, has seen more than a few patients who were critically ill and in danger of dying, make a full recovery. “It’s striking when you treat someone who is desperately ill and then slowly chip away at their problems, and then they can go home and do fine. I have seen a lot of patients like this. Patients sometimes even surprise us in how well they do.”

During his career as a cardiologist Dr. Harizi has seen how medical technology has evolved to help treat heart patients more effectively. “There’s no doubt that improved medications, advances in interventional cardiology, as well as devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators, have made a big impact. In the future, medicine and cardiology will probably be revolutionized by a better understanding of the human genome, leading to treatments that will prevent the development of disease.”

Dr. Harizi enjoys the challenge and variety of practicing as a cardiologist. “Every day is different as a cardiologist. You don’t know what is around the corner when you open the door and see someone. Cardiology has become more complex and there are a variety of studies and treatment options to be considered for each patient. It’s what makes the field so fascinating.”

As part of a large group practice, Dr. Harizi enjoys being able to consult with his fellow cardiologists and other specialists when needed. “The group we have here has great skills and do an excellent job. Each cardiologist has his own strength – his own area of expertise – and we all work very well together. I think patients can be very confident in the care they will receive here.”


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