Ronald Tadiri, MD - Pediatrics

Ronald Tadiri
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“For me, it’s very rewarding to follow someone from infancy to adulthood and help them reach their maximum potential.”

As a pediatrician at Reliant Medical Group in Holden, Dr. Ronald Tadiri enjoys giving patients a healthy start on their future adult years. “For me, it’s very rewarding to follow someone from infancy to adulthood and help them reach their maximum potential. For the most part, childhood is an enjoyable time of life. There are illnesses, but we have many treatments that are very effective and children usually recover very well.”

A physician with many years experience, Dr. Tadiri has noticed that parents in recent years are now better informed about their children’s health. “I think the Internet has had a big impact in that regard. It does make it easier when the parent is more informed. I find in some cases a parent can have too much information or learn something from an inappropriate source, but for the most part that’s not a problem.”

Another change Dr. Tadiri has noticed is that pediatricians are focusing on the emotional health of their patients almost as much as their physical health. “There’s no doubt we are treating emotional issues more than ever before, that’s become very important. Another key concern is body weight. We try to follow children’s growth and body mass index closely these days. It’s important for children to adopt a healthy lifestyle early in life that they can carry with them into adulthood.”

One question that often comes up for pediatricians is when do patients need to stop seeing a pediatrician and start seeing an adult doctor? Dr. Tadiri explains, “As long as they are comfortable seeing us we’ll follow them right through their college years. When the time comes to find a new doctor, we can also help them choose a new physician. We have a lot of great internists here at Reliant Medical Group that are ready to offer care.”

As a physician who has worked at Reliant Medical Group for over fifteen years, Dr. Tadiri has a lot of respect for his fellow physicians and colleagues. “The people here are great and we’ve had a very stable staff that’s allowed us to build on our knowledge and give the patients the kind of continuity they deserve. It’s a key reason I’ve enjoyed working here so much.”

When he’s not busy treating his patients, Dr. Tadiri enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters. He is an avid bike rider, and likes exploring both roads and trails from his home in Holden. “Doctors like to stay in shape, and I find bike riding to be an excellent and fun way to exercise.”


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