Steven Solano, MD - Obstetrics and Gynecology

Steven Solano
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“...I always treat them first and foremost with respect and dignity, as if they were my good friend or family member.”

Dr. Steven Solano was inspired to become a doctor as a teenager, after seeing how caregivers cared for his mother following her diagnosis of advanced ovarian cancer. “I basically spent my adolescence growing up in the hospital watching the doctors, nurses, and other caregivers provide excellent care to my mom,” he recalls. “It was at that point that I really started to consider a career in medicine and especially in women’s health. Those I met who impressed me the most didn’t have to be the smartest or most intelligent – to me, it’s equally if not more important in some aspects to have a caring and compassionate bedside manner.  In this age of medicine, patients have their choice of physicians – hence why I always treat them first and foremost with respect and dignity, as if they were my good friend or family member.”

As an OB/Gyn physician, Dr. Solano enjoys getting to know his patients. “I really enjoy the continuity of OB/Gyn care. Potentially one can start taking care of a patient in their teens, and then go on to deliver their first, second, or third child (or more!).  As you get older, your patients get older with you. It’s one of the things that makes practicing in OB/Gyn so rewarding for me.”

Dr. Solano has also recently been appointed Chairman of the Department of OB/Gyn at MetroWest Medical Center in Framingham, Massachusetts.  “It’s an amazing honor and privilege. I am excited to extend Reliant’s tremendous OB/Gyn quality and safety to my colleagues and patients at MetroWest Medical Center. MetroWest has a phenomenal OB/Gyn department and I hope to enhance their unit – I am very excited to join the team there.”

As the Director for OB/Gyn Quality Assurance and Safety, Dr. Solano takes pride in keeping current with the most up-to-date guidelines for both obstetrical and gynecological care. “Medicine is an ever changing landscape…it’s a constant process of learning as guidelines are always updating and it’s so important to practice with the times.”

Dr. Solano has a subspecialty interest in minimally invasive surgery and office-based procedural gynecology. “There are so many cutting-edge treatments in gynecological care that can now help avoid a trip to the operating room. In the office we can perform tubal ligations, and correct abnormal vaginal bleeding that ten years ago would have involved major surgery or a hysterectomy. We can actually look inside the uterus with a tiny camera which has a diameter smaller than the end of an eraser! Technology is really advancing and making a difference for patients, and helping doctors be more conservative in the way we treat problems.”

Dr. Solano makes a point to be as accommodating to his patients as possible. “I know that people are busy, so I do open up my schedule and start seeing patients at 7:00am on some days – so patients can more easily balance their work schedule around mine. I think it’s helpful to patients to have a doctor that is willing to work around their schedule and make their life a little easier.”

Dr. Solano is no stranger to Central Massachusetts, graduating from both the College of the Holy Cross and UMass Medical School in Worcester. When he is not busy treating patients, Dr. Solano enjoys spending family time with his wife, daughter, son, and dog. He also is an avid golfer and Jimmy Buffett fan, and enjoys all-things related to Boston sports. He and his wife also enjoy traveling, especially to the tropics and Aruba.


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