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Thomas Kesman
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"I treat leg and arm pain caused by pressure on the nerves within the spine caused by spinal stenosis, disc herniations, and other problems."

When he was playing sports as a child, Dr. Thomas Kesman learned that an orthopedist could be a big help in overcoming an injury and getting back on the playing field. Those visits to the doctor when he was young helped inspire him to pursue a career as an orthopedic and reconstructive surgeon.

Now as a surgeon at Reliant Medical Group, Dr. Kesman specializes in treating a variety of spinal problems. “I treat leg and arm pain caused by pressure on nerves within the spine, spinal stenosis, compression fractures and other problems,” he explains. “I like the complexity of spine work. The intricacy of the spine really takes an extra level of concentration when you are operating – I find it a very challenging, interesting, and rewarding field.”

One of the things that Dr. Kesman enjoys most about orthopedics is that he is able to use new technologies that can really benefit patients. “Spine surgeons are fortunate to have an expanding choice of different technologies to help patients. Our instrumentation is better than ever before, allowing patients to get up and move more quickly, often without any type of brace. Intraoperative spine navigation helps us place that instrumentation as safely as possible by providing real time guidance in the operating room. Cervical disc replacement is also evolving to be a useful alternative to cervical fusion for herniated discs, in a very select group of patients. All of these technologies help move science and patient care forward. “

According to Dr. Kesman, back and spine problems can be challenging to diagnose, so a thorough history, physical examination and imaging must be done before any operative intervention is recommended. The vast majority of patients start out with conservative treatments before any surgery is considered.

Dr. Kesman is a strong believer in treating patients as if they were his own family members. “I think the sense of trust between the doctor and the patient is very, very important. That’s why I strive to have a good rapport with my patients, since I believe it ultimately helps them enjoy better care when everyone works together.”

In his free time Dr. Kesman is an avid boater, including water-skiing and tubing. He and his wife Rebecca (who is an internist at Reliant) also enjoy downhill skiing, dining out, traveling, and spending as much time as possible with their young son.


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