Clinical Nurse Liaisons (Registered Nurses)

Elaine Anas, RN

Elaine Anas is a graduate of Worcester City Hospital School of Nursing. She worked 35 years as an RN before spending another 16 years as a Nurse Case Manager. Now as a Clinical Nurse Liaison, Elaine finds fulfillment in working with other members of the team to secure continuity of care for patients. She knows how important it is to help patients get the best care possible in the best setting for the individual. Elaine’s favorite part of her job is working with her team of hospital case managers, social workers, and the hospitalist team, as well as interacting with patients and their families on a regular basis.

Dianne Cummings, RN

A graduate of Worcester City Hospital School of Nursing, Dianne Cummings loves being a Registered Nurse Case Manager. She worked for 15 years at Fallon Clinic before retiring, but after eight months she decided to return to work because she missed it so much. Her favorite part of her job at Reliant is working with the team of people who are involved with making a patient well and able to return home safely. She finds her work incredibly satisfying.

Eva Gleba, RN, CCM

Eva Gleba graduated from Quinsigamond Community College and went on to become a registered nurse. She is currently working on acquiring her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Anna Maria College while working as a Clinical Nurse Liaison for Reliant Medical Group. Eva likes the hands-on approach of working with people, which is why she chose the nursing track. She finds her position fulfilling, as it allows her to help people live healthier and more comfortable lives.

Jessica Young, BSN, RN

Jessica Young received her nursing degree from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. She chose the path of nursing because of the special role that nurses play in the community—she believes that they make the world a better place through their job of caring for others. She particularly enjoys being a part of the Reliant team because the main goal is always to care for the whole patient.

Nurse Case Managers (Registered Nurses)

Nurse Case Managers – Complex

Diane Aubin, RN, BSN

A graduate of Emmanuel College in Boston, Diane Aubin became an RN Complex Case Manager so that she could improve the lives and quality of care for patients, specifically the elderly population. She loves being the nurse that high-risk patients can depend on in their time of need. Diane is passionate about the field of case management and always looks to gain more experience in her chosen field as well as utilization management. She hopes to become a certified nurse case manager in the future.

Nurse Case Managers – Chronic

Loretta Dyer, RN

Loretta Dyer received her registered nursing degree from Quinsigamond Community College in 2009. Her main focus in her practice is to help elders maintain the highest level of function in their homes and preserve their personal definition of quality of life. Geriatrics has been an important part of her career from the start, and Loretta is always looking to improve her knowledge of this facet of case management. She always works to treat her patients from a whole person perspective.

Kristin Gilchrist, RN

Kristin Gilchrist has always loved the medical field. She started her journey in 1990 with North High School Health Magnet Program. This allowed her to bridge into her LPN program with Worcester Technical Institute where she obtained eligibility to work as a CNA until graduating in 1996. Kristin then obtained her RN degree at Becker College in 2000. Kristin brings over 22 years of nursing experience to Reliant Medical Group. She finds her role extremely satisfying, being able to both socialize with and educate her patients while guiding them on the road to health maintenance and recovery.

Karen Kemp, RN

Karen Kemp knew that she wanted to be a nurse when she spent time caring for her ailing grandmother as a teenager. She loves caring for people in all aspects, which is why she chose to obtain her nursing degree from Quinsigamond Community College. Her main role at Reliant Medical Group is working as a coordinator. Karen assists patients by helping them with anything from transportation to an appointment to setting up services in their home. Karen’s special interest is in assisting patients who need to make end of life decisions so she can attend to patients and their families during this difficult time.

Nicole Vincequere (White), RN, BSN

Nicole Vincequere (White) began her nursing experience when she was just seven years old, tending to her ill grandfather, who called her his “little nurse.” She knew from then on that she wanted to go into nursing, so she obtained a nursing degree from Fitchburg State University. Her role at Reliant as a nurse Case Manager is to ensure that all of her patients’ needs are met and that they are followed to make sure that they are kept healthy, safe and assisted in all aspects of daily living. Thanks to her previous experiences, Nicole hopes to eventually advance in hospice care later in her career.

Medical Social Workers

Erika Fernandez, LCSW

Erika Fernandez obtained her master’s degree in social work from Boston College. She then went on to work with the geriatric population at both home care and a nursing facility. Erika said she was drawn to Reliant Medical Group because of their compassion for their patients as well as their employees, which makes for a great and supportive work environment. Erika is happy to be working with patients of all ages facing a variety of challenges. She finds it rewarding to provide these patients with ongoing support in obtaining an overall better quality of life.

Liz Joseph, MSW, LCSW

Liz Joseph received both her undergraduate and Master of Social Work degrees from Syracuse University. In graduate school, her concentration was in Gerontology, which has been beneficial in her continued work with elderly patients. Liz chose the social work profession because it offered her a lot of opportunities to help people. Liz’s favorite part about her job as a Medical Social Worker at Reliant is that she is exposed to patients of all ages with all types of challenges. She appreciates that her patients are always pleasant and grateful for her assistance.

Vasilia “Billie” Kasapakis, LCSW

Vasilia “Billie” Kasapakis is a pediatric social worker with her master’s degree in social work from Boston College. She works with pediatric providers and their patients to best meet the non-medical needs of children and their families, including advocacy, case management, community referrals, Positive Parenting Workshops, and care coordination team meetings. Providing families in the local community with greater access to health care is the key reason that she chose this practice.

Jack McMahon, LICSW

Jack McMahon knew that he wanted to counsel and assist people in need since the time he took an elective psychology class in high school. He then went on to obtain a MSW from the Fordham University School of Social Services in New York City. Since graduation, Jack has worked in a number of different settings, including inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, occupational social work with the Irish Defense Forces, officer in the US Navy, and renal social worker with a dialysis unit. All of this experience has contributed to Jack’s expertise in his role as a pediatric social worker at Reliant.

Elisa St. Jean, LCSW

Elisa St. Jean received her graduate degree in social work from Salem State College. She has always found working with people to be an essential part of her life. Elsa’s work experience involves an extensive background in child protective services and elder home care. She says that her favorite part of being a Medical Social Worker at Reliant Medical Group is assisting people in making community connections that can improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones.