Care Management Administrative Offices

Reliant Medical Group
100 Front St. C203
Worcester, MA 01608

Mike Hebert, RN, MSN, LCSW, MBA, CHCQM, Senior Director
Cheryl DiPaolo, RN, MHA, Senior Manager, Medical Expense

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 am– 4:30 pm

Care Manager Staff

Staff Bios

Clinical Nurse Liaisons (Registered Nurses)

Managing benefits, especially during a hospital/rehabilitation stay, is the job of the Clinical Nurse Liaisons. The CNLs work to assess patients who are in a hospital, or rehab facility, to ensure they are progressing toward a successful return to the community. They make sure that available benefits are accessed appropriately and address any issues as they arise.

  • Elaine Anas, RN
  • Deborah Avery Boucher, RN
  • Dianne Cummings, RN
  • Cythnia Gardner, RN
  • Eva Gleba, RN
  • Lori Puccetti-MacPhail, RN
  • Jennifer Rheault, RN
  • Anne Rideout, RN
  • Jessica Young, RN

Nurse Case Managers (Registered Nurses)

When it comes to managing care in the community things can become complex/confusing, this is where the Case Managers are at their best. Whether it is patient/family education, care planning, disease management or any other area of concern the Case Managers are here to help and support patients and their families. All are Registered Nurses who provide teaching, coaching and education on how to work toward improving the quality of life for our patients and/or their loved ones.

Nurse Case Managers 

  • Jan Arroyo, RN
  • Diane Aubin, RN
  • Christine Beriau, RN
  • Holly Biedrzycki, Pediatric RN
  • Sandra Cawley, RN
  • Marion Cronin, RN
  • Israel Del Pozo, RN
  • Brendan Doherty, RN
  • Loretta Dyer, RN
  • Margaret Gallier, RN, BSN
  • Kristin Gilchrist, RN
  • Melinda Kadra, RN
  • Karen Kemp, RN
  • Debra Kittredge, RN
  • Richard Marinelli, RN
  • Marie Miller, RN
  • Renee Peckham, RN
  • Emily Place, RN
  • Stacey Ploof, RN
  • Victoria Richard, RN, BSN
  • Nicole Rojee, RN
  • Nelsy De Paula Tamburro, RN
  • Nicole Vincequere (White), RN
  • Jeanne Wilson, RN
  • Susan Wilson-Lammi, RN
  • Lora Woeller, RN

Medical Social Workers (Master’s prepared social workers)

Medical Social Workers at Reliant are here to help with a variety of psychosocial and socio-economic needs. This can be anything from coping with a loss, to medication affordability to caring for a loved one. Mental health and substance abuse assistance is also available as the social workers help to connect patients to a variety of community resources.

  • Katharine A. Farrell, LICSW
  • Erika Fernandez, MSW
  • Cody Fournier, LCSW
  • Katrina Jacob, MSW, LICSW
  • Liz Joseph, MSW, LCSW
  • Vasilia “Billie” Kasapakis, LCSW
  • Michelle Maramarco, LCSW
  • Jack McMahon, LCSW
  • Elisa St. Jean, LCSW
  • Jill Walden, MSW, LICSW
  • Tara Wise, LCSW

Transition Coordinators (Medical Assistant level)

The transition coordinators follow up with Reliant Medical Group patients following a hospital stay. Patients are contacted to ensure follow up needs are addressed and any/all needed appointments , testing, etc gets scheduled. The transition coordinators also assess patients for whether or not they would benefit from enrollment in the Care Management program.

  • Diane Gyasi, MA
  • Jessica LaBonte, MA