What is the Care Management Department?

The mission of the Care Management Department is to work collaboratively with health care providers to identify individuals at risk for hospitalization and/or Emergency Department visits due to their challenging medical and/or psychosocial needs. Site-based Case Managers, which include Nurses and Social Workers, provide these services through professional assessments and promotion of quality and cost-effective interventions to ensure optimal client wellness and autonomy.

How do I contact Care Management for more information?

You can call the department directly at 508-595-2041 or email us.

Does my primary care provider have to be at Reliant for me to get help?

No, but in order to receive help either the patient’s primary care provider needs to be a Reliant provider and/or you need to see a Reliant specialist on a regular and consistent basis.

Is there any cost to this service?

No, this is a free service.

Where is the Care Management Department located?

Care Management staff are located at each of our Reliant Medical group sites.

What is a Case Manager?

Case Managers collaborate with Reliant Medical Group providers and staff as well as community programs to assure delivery of comprehensive patient/family focused care. In addition, Case Managers are able to help patients/families work toward staying healthy and coping with illness if/when it does occur.

Where can I receive services?

Staff are available to see patients/families at the same convenient location as our primary care providers.

What services can I expect to receive from the Care Management Department?

While the Care Management Department offers a variety of services to help patients, and their families, some areas of assistance include:

  • Offer supportive, short-term counseling
  • Provide community resource information
  • Provide patient advocacy and support
  • Provide short and long-term planning
  • Facilitate improvement in patient/physician communication enhancing patient satisfaction
  • Provide a collaborative, coordinated approach across all Reliant Medical Group systems
  • Timely facilitation of appropriate resources consisting of VNA, Financial Assistance,
  • Medication Affordability, Community Resources

Can children use Care Management services?

Yes, the Care Management department works with patients of all ages, however; the child must be a Reliant Medical Group patient.