An Important Innovation in Prostate Cancer Treatment

An innovative robotically-assisted procedure is helping to change prostate cancer treatment. Instead of a radical prostatectomy, surgeons are removing diseased prostates with a new minimally invasive laparoscopic technique utilizing the da Vinci™ Surgical Robot. The new procedure, called a robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy, is helping surgeons to perform a more precise operation and allowing patients to enjoy a faster and less painful recovery.

Technology That Offers Greater Control and Precision

Unlike a radical prostatectomy, which uses one large incision to remove the prostate, the robotic-assisted prostatectomy is performed using several smaller openings made in the lower abdomen. The openings (or ports as doctors call them) are small in diameter but allow the placement of a miniature camera and laparoscopic instruments inside the body to perform the surgery. The surgeon controls the instruments remotely using robotic controls, and uses a high-resolution video monitor that gives a magnified view the procedure. The da Vinci system gives the surgeon pinpoint control and offers amazing dexterity to perform the delicate operation. Every surgical maneuver is performed with direct input from the surgeon.

Faster Recovery, with Less Inconvenience

Reliant Medical Group patients are benefiting from having their prostate removed using this minimally invasive technique. Key gains include a shorter hospital stay, less pain, and reduced chance of scarring and incontinence issues. Since the surgery is so precise, patients do not need to have a catheter inside their bladder as long while they recover. Additionally, there is much less chance of leakage from the bladder after surgery due to the more precise suturing. In fact, most patients operated on using the da Vinci system have experienced no bladder leakage problems at all. The reduced recovery time has allowed many patients to enjoy favorite activities such as playing golf just weeks after their operation.

Available Now to Reliant Medical Group Patients

Dr. Simon McRae, a urologist at Reliant Medical Group who has performed prostate surgery using the da Vinci system says, “It’s very gratifying to offer patients a new surgical technology that promotes not only an excellent outcome but an enhanced recovery and quality of life after surgery as well. We’re proud to be able to offer our patients the advantages of a laparoscopic prostatectomy.”

For more information on our robotic-assisted prostatectomy, view our frequently asked questions.