Besa Bushati, MD - Internal Medicine

Overall Patient Rating

4.7 out of 5 stars - 129 total ratings

“The better educated a patient is the better they can deal with the problems they are facing.”

Born in Albania, Dr. Besa Bushati has always loved to help people, in any way that she can. That eventually led her to becoming a doctor. “As a physician, you really feel like you can make a difference in a person’s life, that’s what makes my profession so rewarding,” she explains.

Practicing in primary care, Dr. Bushati has an opportunity to really get to know her patients over the long term. “Unlike a specialist who might see a patient only a few times for a problem, I see my patients on a regular basis. I guess Internal Medicine just suits me better – I really like getting to know my patients.”

As an internist, Dr. Bushati is responsible for every system in a patient’s body. “To make the right diagnosis, you really need to understand all the systems involved and how they interact. Internists also have to stay up-to-date with the most recent medical knowledge because science is constantly changing. That’s what makes it challenging.”

Working with her patients, Dr. Bushati is a strong believer in educating them as much as possible. “I always try to talk to them and explain to them about any problems or issues I might find. The better educated a patient is, the better they can deal with the problems they are facing.”

Dr. Bushati enjoys working with Reliant Medical Group’s computerized health record system, which has replaced conventional medical charts. “I like the fact that everything is there – every lab, every consult. It’s very comprehensive. Plus you can send prescriptions right to the pharmacy so the patient can immediately pick them up. It’s very well thought out and organized.”

When she has some free time away from her patients at Reliant Medical Group, Dr. Bushati enjoys spending time with her husband and young daughter. She also enjoys swimming and traveling throughout the United States.


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