Kalindi Mehta, MD - Family Practice

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4.8 out of 5 stars - 152 total ratings

“I like to get to know my patients as best as I can and really understand their problems.”

Growing up in India, Dr. Kalindi Mehta was inspired to become a doctor by her parents, who were both primary care physicians. “It was always my childhood dream to become a doctor and I never really thought of doing anything else,” she explains. “Like my parents, I’ve always enjoyed helping people and medicine allows me to do that everyday.”

Dr. Mehta believes in developing a real partnership with her patients. “I like to get to know my patients as best as I can and really understand their problems. A doctor-patient relationship has to be more than just one person talking and teaching. It’s really a journey that both people have to take together.”

As a family practitioner, Dr. Mehta has a strong interest in primary care and women’s health and once worked as an OB-Gyn physician in India. “I am very comfortable taking care of women and really enjoy the continuity of care that I can provide for them – from childhood years to menopause and beyond. I have also taken care of many pregnant women and it’s very satisfying when you can see them through their pregnancy and watch their children grow – that’s very special to me.”

In her practice, Dr. Mehta has always emphasized the psychosocial aspect of providing care. “I feel it’s important not to just treat a patient’s illness but also understand the underlying cause of it. That’s why I strive to get to know my patients and take their living situation and environment into consideration. I think the better you understand your patients, the better care you can provide.

Practicing at Reliant Medical Group in Westborough, Dr. Mehta enjoys having the support of a caring staff and other talented physicians like herself. “Here, everything is set up for you and you can really concentrate on practicing medicine. I also like the fact that we have an electronic health records system. I think patients really benefit from that. The system can even remind you that a patient is due for a certain test or vaccination…it’s a very powerful tool for physicians.”

When Dr. Mehta is not busy seeing patients at Reliant Medical Group she enjoys spending time with her family. She has two young boys and they keep her and her husband very busy. Dr. Mehta also likes to cook (especially her favorite Indian foods) and also enjoys reading when she can find the time. As well as speaking fluent English, Dr. Mehta also speaks Hindi.


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