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Our Bariatric Patient Testimonials


Our Bariatric Surgery Patient Testimonials:

Weight Loss Surgery has been a life changing experience for me. I have 4 young sons and chasing them around playing with them and dancing around the house to music has been a blessing I couldn’t enjoy before. I am proud of my decision and have no regrets about my WLS.

I finally have learned to stop eating when I’m not hungry…not to the point of being full. There’s a difference between being not hungry and full. I get not hungry much easier now. Food is no longer an obsession – Hallelujah.

My AIC before my surgery was 8. Six months later after surgery 5.6. I feel wonderful. I feel healthy. I go to the gym. I’m 58 years old and I feel 28, it’s been years since I’ve felt so good. I am off all of my diabetes medications and all of my blood pressure meds. Do something good for yourself and have surgery.

I now have so much more energy. I can move freely and am not out of breath. My knees don’t hurt anymore. People seem different to me and more friendly. When I haven’t seen people for a long time, often they ask “are you sick?”

I had Lap Band surgery about 6 years ago and lost 207lbs. Its a new life for me. I can now go bike riding, walk (2.5 miles every day), sometimes a small jog, boating, motorcycle riding. I can fit into ANY chair. I can go out to eat without worrying about the chairs, I FIT. I went to my first Red Sox game in August which I never even would have attempted. I can go to a regular clothing store, normal sizes. I feel amazing! I can cross my legs. Yahoo!!!

I’m eating better than I ever have. I am much more informed on nutrition. I’ve replaced old bad habits with new healthy ones. My general health has greatly improved. I’ve learned to like exercising.


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