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Life After Bariatric Surgery

The Bariatric Surgery Program at Reliant Medical Group offers several options for follow up and support after bariatric surgery.

Why is support after surgery so important? Bariatric surgery is a weight loss tool but it is important to continue to work on behavioral, nutrition and exercise goals to achieve and maintain weight loss and stay healthy. Research shows that people who have had consistent support and follow up after bariatric surgery are the most successful long term. Below are options we provide for follow up and support after bariatric surgery.

Life after Bariatric Surgery Group

This is a free educational meeting for individuals who have had bariatric surgery through the Reliant Medical Group Bariatric Surgery Program. Note: If you have not had surgery with Reliant Medical Group, please contact bariatric care manager to discuss attendance at (508) 425-5778

Monthly topics cover nutritional, medical, psychological and exercise needs after bariatric surgery. Question and answer time is also provided with the benefit of group support.

Meetings are held from 4:00 to 5:00 P.M. on a secure virtual platform.  Please call 508-852-6175 for more information, or contact Inmay MacNeil at Inmay.MacNeil@reliantmedicalgroup.org or Sue LaBelle at yolandasue.LaBelle@reliantmedicalgroup.org to reserve a spot. We are currently limiting virtual support groups to 15 attendees.


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  • December 8

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