New Cardiac Imaging Center Provides Superior Diagnostic Images of the Heart

Did you know that there are more than 100 different types of heart ailments that humans can contract, and that those ailments can be affected by numerous complications that can be difficult to diagnose? At Reliant Medical Group, our new Cardiac Imaging Center is helping to make the diagnosing of heart disease faster and more accurate.

Precise, state-of-the-art imaging

The Cardiac Imaging Center at Reliant Medical Group features a powerful diagnostic tool – the Siemens Orbitor Gamma Camera – that allows our cardiologists to examine a patient’s heart quickly and painlessly using noninvasive techniques. This technology is more precise and telling than current common stress tests. The sophisticated machine allows doctors to record—and view on a computer screen—vivid 3-dimensional, moving images of the heart both at rest and when under stress. The images are vital in helping doctors learn about the structure and function of the patient’s heart so they can determine exactly what is wrong.

Our new Cardiac Imaging Center helps provide all the information needed for Reliant Medical Group cardiologists to make the right diagnosis and determine the right course of treatment. And it can all be done here in the Cardiology offices at Reliant Medical Group.