Student Placement at Reliant Medical Group

We appreciate your interest in Reliant Medical Group. We want you to know that we make every effort to help each student who applies find the placement of their choice.

All applicants must follow procedures carefully so we receive consistent information from each student that we place. Unless all our guidelines are met, we will be unable to provide students with the placement they need.

Please keep these key requirements in mind when applying:

  • All student applications must come from your school’s placement/rotation coordinator and all further communication regarding each student must come through the placement/rotation coordinator.
  • Applications should be submitted 6 to 12 months prior to the student’s desired start date.
  • All applicants should request a specific department and time frame needed.
  • Applicants should provide their desired hours per week and the total number of hours they are requesting.
  • All student requirements requested by Reliant Medical Group must be fulfilled before students can be placed.
  • Due to heavy demand, Reliant Medical Group cannot guarantee the placement of any student.

Thank you for realizing the importance of these requirements in regard to student placement. Reliant Medical Group looks forward to working with you in the future.

Brooke Di Anni, DO

Director of Medical Education

Office of Education