Kristen Newsom, MD - Family Practice

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4.9 out of 5 stars - 71 total ratings

“I really like the idea of taking care of an entire family…”

Dr. Kristen Newsom comes from a long line of people dedicated to practicing medicine. “My father and grandfather had a family medicine practice together, so growing up, medicine was a huge part of my life,” she explains. “I got to see what it means to be somebody’s primary care physician and that was very important when it came time for me to decide on a career.”

Dr. Newsom was actually an art major when she was in college and after medical school thought about going into reconstructive surgery since she had a strong background in sculpture. “I thought I would use my skills to help people dealing with physical ailments. However, after working with some family medicine doctors in New Orleans, I learned that seeing all different kinds of patients would help me reach a larger number of people in a meaningful way.”

Asked why she enjoys family medicine so much Dr. Newsom explains, “I really like the idea of taking care of an entire family. I think as a doctor you understand things a little better when you take care of not only the kids but the mother and maybe the grandparents as well. It helps you understand the family structure and really get to know them more as people and as patients.”

In her practice Dr. Newsom enjoys helping patients with behavioral health issues. “Many patients suffer from anxiety and depression disorders, which can often impact other areas of their health. That’s why these types of problems are always important to address. I think it’s great that patients can meet with behavioral therapists right in our clinics when they have a problem. You can’t fix everything with just medication, so this kind of care is what’s really best for our patients.”

In her free time Dr. Newsom enjoys working on home improvement projects as well as doing art and sculpture. “I really like working with my hands and building things as well as repurposing old furniture to make it into something new. I guess I love to use my creativity any way that I can.”


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