The Advanced Practice Clinician Collaborative (APCC) is an innovative program whereby a group of fully licensed Advanced Practitioners (AP) work closely with very experienced physicians and APs to care for patients and further develop their clinical skills.  Reliant is excited about this new program because it allows patients to receive highly attentive healthcare while newer providers have the chance to work with and learn from our longtime providers. 

As a patient in this program, you would schedule your visits with an AP on the APC Collaborative team who would provide your care in collaboration with an onsite, supervising physician or AP who has been practicing for many years at Reliant and elsewhere.  At all times your healthcare needs will be prioritized.  You will continue to have access to all of the same services you have now, including lab and radiology services, as well as access to Reliant’s world-class specialists. The APC Collaborative is located at Reliant’s medical office at 5 Neponset Street in Worcester, where you will receive your care

Meet Our Clinicians

Nicole Barr, FNP – Advanced Practice Clinician Collaborative
Allison Grimaldo, FNP – Advanced Practice Clinician Collaborative
Meaghan Sawtelle, PA – Advanced Practice Clinician Collaborative
Shannon Staruk, PA – Advanced Practice Clinician Collaborative


Does my insurance cover the APC Collaborative Program?
Yes, all of the providers in this program are fully licensed Advanced Practitioners and credentialed with the insurance plans we accept.

If I choose to enter this APC Collaborative, will I ever see a physician?
APs in the program will work alongside experienced physicians.  If they determine that your medical condition requires you to see a primary or specialty care physician, they will refer you.  At times, you may also be visited in the exam room by a supervising physician.

If Dr. Gilchrist manages the APC Collaborative and is the provider listed with my insurance, can I request an appointment with him?
Your care will be managed by the APs in the APC Collaborative.  In partnership with you, these APs will determine if another provider should be consulted on your treatment plan.   So, while you wouldn’t specifically request to be scheduled with Dr. Gilchrist, he and other supervising providers may become involved in your care, if necessary.

Will I always see the same AP in the APC Collaborative?
We will try whenever possible to schedule you with the same AP when you need care; however you may see multiple members on the team.