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Janice Kennedy
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“For me, the best part about pediatrics is that you are working with children – and I love children.”

A pediatrician at Reliant Medical Group in Leominster, Dr. Janice Kennedy has always been interested in working with young children and the developmental aspects of their care. “For me, the best part about pediatrics is that you are working with children – and I love children,” she explains.

Practicing in pediatrics, Dr. Kennedy sees many young patients who come in needing immediate attention. “We see a lot of acute respiratory infections, a lot of asthma, a lot of dehydration, those are some of the biggest problems we have. As well as working at Reliant, Dr. Kennedy is also on staff at Leominster Hospital. “Any delivery that is felt to be at risk, they want a pediatrician in attendance to provide care. That’s why I am frequently on call at the hospital and live close by.”

One of the things Dr. Kennedy likes the most about her job is the constant variety. “I enjoy being able to conduct well child visits, immunizations, all the routine care as well as the more urgent needs. Our practice is incredibly diverse and I love the variety. I also get to meet people from all walks of life here. I am not bilingual but I do speak a lot of Spanish, which helps many patients we see. I’ve learned that no matter what culture a person’s background is, the children are a very important and I try to let parents know that I truly care about their family.”

As well as being a pediatric physician, Dr. Kennedy is the mother of six children (five girls and one boy). In her free time she enjoys being a Girl Scout leader for two troops. She enjoys going camping as well as all the other Girl Scout activities. Dr. Kennedy is also active in her local church and teaches Sunday School. “I like to stay as active in the community as possible with the time I have. I think that’s very important.”


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