It’s True, Honey Really Can Help a Child with a Cold

Jan 29, 2024 / Pediatrics

It’s cold season once again and many parents are looking for ways to help a child get through the misery of a cold. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend over-the-counter (OTC) cold and cough medicines for children younger than six due to potentially life-threatening side effects.

So, what’s a worried parent to do for that pesky cough? The answer is, honey! Many parents have found that a couple of teaspoons of honey works just as well as cough medicine. In fact, research studies have shown that children with a cold who received honey coughed less, had a less severe cough, and were more likely to sleep better than children who weren’t given honey.

So, keep some honey on hand for when a cold or cough strikes children over age one. Children younger than a year old should not be given honey due to the risk of infant botulism. Remember that most cold symptoms will last approximately ten days before subsiding. Always call your pediatrician if your child has a fever over 100.4 for more than a few days, a temperature that is rising, a prolonged cough (more than 10 days), trouble breathing, decreased wet diapers or urination, or lethargy. Those could be signs of a more serious illness.

It’s True, Honey Really Can Help a Child with a Cold

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