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The Benefits of Youth Sports Can Last a Lifetime

Oluyinka Reno, MD Department of Pediatrics Many families understand the importance of having children engage in Youth Sports. Participation in sports offers a host of benefits for children. These …

Exercise is Important for Older Adults

By Nancy Swayze, MD Chief of Skilled Nursing Facilities Medical experts agree that older adults (those age 65+) really benefit from regular exercise. Even seniors who have chronic medical …

Can Music Help Improve Your Workout?

By Dr. Robert Harizi Division Chief, Reliant Medical Group Cardiology Ever notice that some people at the gym seem to spend more time finding the right songs for their …

Keeping Kids Active During the “Yucky” Months

Most of us don’t stay as active as we should when the cold weather arrives. For children especially, shorter days and colder temperatures can lead to too many hours …

Treadmills vs. Elliptical Machines: What You Should Know

Treadmills and elliptical machines are popular and highly effective ways to work out. There are some advantages in choosing one over the other though. An elliptical machine is less …


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