Clinical Pharmacists: The Newest Members of Your Healthcare Team

Jun 19, 2014 / Health Advice

All over the country, health care providers like Reliant Medical Group are embracing a team approach to care, whereby many different healthcare professionals partner in caring for patients. So it’s not surprising that our pharmacists are taking on new roles, and becoming important players on the Reliant healthcare team.

As medication experts, our clinical pharmacists are extremely important when it comes to ensuring safe and effective medication use. Their advanced training and knowledge can truly make a difference in your care. They can quickly spot problems related to drug interactions or potential adverse drug reactions, as well as educate you on the proper use of your medications. Working closely with other members of the healthcare team, pharmacists also assist with disease management and can offer you suggestions on more cost-effective treatments. Patients who are on multiple medications and being treated for complex, chronic conditions such as diabetes and congestive heart failure particularly benefit from interaction with our pharmacists. So don’t be surprised if you get a call from one of our clinical pharmacists inquiring about how that new medication is working as they take a more interactive role in your care.

At Reliant, our team approach to care is ultimately about helping you achieve your health goals. Having a pharmacist as a regular member of your care team is one of the best ways to bring you the kind of high quality, thorough care you deserve.

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