Reliant’s Unique Team Approach to Care

Oct 29, 2014 / Health Advice

You may have noticed that when you go to your doctor’s office for care you often see more people than just your doctor. That’s because at Reliant we rely on a team of caregivers to diagnose, treat and provide care for you.

Your care team at Reliant features a range of different medical professionals including primary care doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical assistants, nurses, specialty physicians, pharmacists, care managers/socialworkers and behavioral therapists. Here’s more information on the role that each of them play in your care.

Primary Care Doctors: Your primary care physician acts like the quarterback of the team, carefully directing and overseeing your overall care. All of our primary care physicians are dedicated to managing each medical challenge you encounter and helping you stay as healthy as possible throughout your life.

Nurse Practitioners & Physicians Assistants: Also known as advanced practitioners (APs), these highly trained medical professionals perform many of the same tasks as doctors. Besides working in primary care, many APs have specialized training and work in Orthopedics, Allergy, Pulmonology and many other specialties. Some APs have their own panel of patients, while others support one or more doctors in caring for their panel of patients.

Specialty Physicians: Your primary care provider may recommend a specialist when you need specialized care. Reliant has many different specialty departments that include allergists, oncologists, rheumatologists, orthopedists, pulmonologists, urologists, and many others. Their years of training and specialized knowledge allow them to provide the advanced care that you need.

Nurses: At Reliant Medical Group, our nurses provide medical advice and instruction plus perform various procedures, such as injections. Many also work behind the scenes answering patient questions on the phone and through MyChart. Our nurses play a critical role in helping to direct patients to the necessary level of care.

Pharmacists: Key members of the care team, our clinical pharmacists are dedicated medication experts. They play an important role when it comes to ensuring safe and effective medication use. Using their specialized training and knowledge, they can really make a difference in your care, including making sure you have the most effective and cost-effective medication for your particular need.

Behavioral Therapists: At times patients are referred to Behavioral Health Therapists to help with a range of medical issues, such as anxiety, depression, etc.
Since many medical problems have a behavioral component, our physicians carefully coordinate care with our behavioral therapists to help each patient reach their health goals.

Care Managers/Social Workers: Reliant’s Care Management department works collaboratively with our healthcare providers to provide assistance to patients and family members who are experiencing challenging medical and/or psychosocial needs. Our care managers and social workers assist patients in a variety of ways including patient/family education, care planning, disease management, coping with loss, medication affordability and other issues and problems.

Medical Assistants: Usually the first medical professional you see when you visit our offices, our medical assistants (MAs) work hand-in-hand with our doctors and advanced practitioners to make sure you get the care you need. Medical assistants do everything from taking your medical history to removing sutures and changing dressings. In addition, MAs arrange for laboratory services and hospital admissions and often assist the medical staff during exams.

At Reliant, we’ve learned that it takes more than one person to provide all the care a patient needs. Our collaborative, team-based approach is all about bringing you the high quality, thorough care you deserve.

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