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Keeping Kids Active During the “Yucky” Months

Most of us don’t stay as active as we should when the cold weather arrives. For children especially, shorter days and colder temperatures can lead to too many hours on the couch playing video games or watching TV. We all know as parents that it’s important to keep kids active so they get the right amount of exercise they need to stay healthy. Below are some ideas to keep your children active and having fun during the coldest months of the year.

Sledding – A great family activity, sledding is not only great fun but can also burn a lot of calories with all those trips up the hill.

Take a swim at the Y – Swimming is great exercise for young and old alike. So don’t wait for the summer months, make the local YMCA or YWCA pool your favorite family swimming hole year-round.

Tubing – Many ski resorts offer tubing as an alternative to skiing. Just like sledding, it’s a great family sport.

Skating – Indoors or out, skating is a great way to give the legs some much needed exercise. Remember to have your kids wear a helmet for protection.

Indoor Rock Climbing – Spending an afternoon at a rock climbing gym is affordable and a great way to prevent your kids from “climbing the walls” at home.

Cross-country skiing – Keep in mind that skiing doesn’t always require a long drive to the mountains. With a little snow you can often cross-country ski at area parks or golf courses.

Make a snowman or a snow fort – Kids love building things, which is why these two activities never go out of style. Try making it a contest and see who can construct the best.

Have a dance party – Some days it’s just too cold to go outside. So try turning the living room or basement into a dance party with some great music and healthy snacks for the kids.

Getting the family to exercise in the winter may take a little more effort, but with all these fun activities your kids may be telling you it’s one of their favorite times of year.

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