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Making Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

Many of us like to make New Year’s resolutions, yet fewer of us actually keep them. Here are some tips on making this year’s resolutions a little easier to accomplish.

  1. Start slow. Remember that you can only do so many things in the month of January. So space out your goals and give yourself some time. A little breathing room will make goals easier to accomplish.
  1. Write it down. There’s something about putting goals down on paper that really makes a difference. You can also keep an online journal that tracks your progress. It’s a proven way to build toward what you want to accomplish.
  1. Be realistic. We all know it’s not easy to lose 20 pounds or learn a new language in a year. That promotion you want at work takes time too. So try to set goals you can reasonably accomplish and avoid getting frustrated.
  1. Instead of wasting time, set some aside. You’ll have a better chance of achieving your goals if you have enough time. To find time, cut back a little on social media or skip the reruns of your favorite TV shows. Now you’ll have the time you need to learn to cook or make it to the gym twice a week.
  1. Sign on the dotted line and go. Whether you want to learn to dance the rhumba or play the guitar, signing up for lessons will make you more committed to the project and give you that push you need. So don’t be afraid of committing – whether to a local gym or a class at your community college.

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