Our New SurePay System Means You’ll Never Be Surprised with a Reliant Radiology Bill Again

Nov 28, 2016 / News

We all know that paying for the medical services we receive can be a little confusing at times. That’s why Reliant Medical Group is introducing SurePay at all of its Radiology offices. SurePay software allows our staff to tell you in advance the exact amount of the bill you will be responsible for after receiving radiology services.

Paying in full at the time of service is not only convenient, it allows you to avoid “surprises” in the mail and know exactly what your total cost will be. Our new system works closely with your insurance provider to give us all the information we need, including your co-pay and the amount your insurance provider will cover.

You can take advantage of SurePay* when you make an appointment or at check-in. Should you have any questions regarding your insurance coverage, please contact your insurance company directly.

Pay your bill in full at your visit so you don’t have to worry about your radiology bill later! SurePay is available in some locations now and is expected to be functional at all Reliant Medical Group Radiology offices by January 1st, 2017.

*No one will be denied service if they cannot pay in advance. Payment arrangements can be made through our Patient Financial Services department.

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