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Medical Mythbuster: Can Grape Juice Help Prevent Me From Getting a Stomach Bug?

The idea that drinking some grape juice could help you ward off an annoying stomach virus would be great if it were true. However, there doesn’t seem to be any real evidence to support this popular misconception.

Some people claim that drinking grape juice changes the ph of your digestive tract, making it harder for a stomach virus to multiply. They also claim that grape juice has other anti-viral properties to ward off the virus. However, there’s really no scientific evidence of this and ph levels in the body are variable anyway.

Remember that a stomach virus is contracted through contaminated food or water or through contact with another person who is ill. So the best way to prevent getting infected is to wash your hands often. Grapes and grape juice do have lots of vitamin C, however, and that can help support your immune system. So feel free to have a glass of grape juice if you want – just don’t expect it to ward off a stomach virus!

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