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Stressed About Your MRI? Our New Technology Helps Reduce Anxiety
Jan 20, 2019 / Radiology

An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) exam is one of the important tools your doctor has to diagnose a medical problem. However, patients can often feel anxious when undergoing an MRI for a number of reasons. To help promote a more relaxing experience for patients, Reliant now offers MRI exams that feature Ambient Experience technology.

This means that while a patient is undergoing their MRI exam, they also can “be” on an exotic island or traveling through a serene African desert. Children can be surrounded by cartoon scenes or swim with the whales underwater.

The Ambient Experience takes place while the patient is inside the bore (tube) of the MRI, helping to reduce anxiety by immersing patients in a true multi-sensory experience. Patients get to choose their preferred atmosphere during the exam while soothing colored lights and visual scenes are projected on the walls and audio plays to provide “positive distraction.”

The new interactive technology has been carefully designed to reduce the stress, anxiety and claustrophobic feelings that some patients experience during their exam. Surveys have shown that patients report a significant drop in anxiety while undergoing an MRI exam with the Ambient Experience. In addition, the calming effect of this technology actually allows a more effective exam by preventing unnecessary movement, so patients are less likely to have to retake the exam.

“Reliant is proud to offer two new state-of-the-art 1.5T Bore MRI systems with the Ambient Experience at our 5 Neponset Street, Worcester office,” remarked Wendy MacLeod, Manager of Diagnostic Services. “Not only does the technology help us achieve higher-quality imaging, the Ambient Experience helps patients feel more at ease, especially those who are anxious or fearful about their exam. Patients are already telling us how much the Ambient Experience has helped them.”

You can learn more about Reliant’s best in class MRI technology here and also view a video on the Ambient Experience.

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