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MyChart Messaging Update
Oct 22, 2020 / Highlights / News

MyChart Messaging Update: Nominal fee to be charged for messages containing photographs.

These days, it’s important that our patients have the opportunity to access some of our services online, including seeking medical advice via MyChart. Responding to our patients’ medical concerns and questions via MyChart messaging is a medical service we are happy to provide; but in some cases messages are complex and require providers to spend time diagnosing a problem, offering medical advice, and even writing a prescription. This is particularly true of MyChart messages that contain a photograph of a skin lesion, mole, or wound, for example.

Due to the added clinical time and activity our providers must spend in evaluating and responding to messages with photographs, we will begin charging a fee of up to $40 for this service, effective November 1, 2020.  Insurance will be billed, but patients are responsible for any charge not covered by insurance.

Not all MyChart messages with images will generate a charge. If you are asked to come in to the office for a related visit after the physician receives the message OR if the message was sent after an in-office visit for the same issue, there will be no charge.  Messages that are not responded to within two days of message receipt and messages containing forms or questionnaires will also not be billed.

As more and more of our care and services are provided conveniently and safely via online platforms, we will continue to update you on changes and enhancements to our online care offerings.

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